Rules & Regulation
General Rules of Discipline

Sl. No Name of the Activity Clubs
1 The school diary is a record concerning the student. Therefore every student must possess and take special care of the student’s Hand book (diary) and he/she must bring it to the school daily without failure. Without handbook the student will be marked absent on that day. The ID page should contain the photograph and all the details asked for. In case of loss, a written application has to be submitted to the Principal, together with the required fine of Rs 100/-, on receipt of which a new handbook will be issued to the student. All the old records/observation/notes are to be entered in the new Handbook which will be cross checked by the class teacher.
2 No act of indiscipline, insubordination and interference in the administration, disrespect to any teacher and disrespect to any religion or community by any student shall be tolerated and the delinquent may even be expelled from the school.
3 Students shall always have the Identity Card in their possession and produce them whenever asked by a member of the staff, teaching or non-teaching
4 Students shall wear prescribed uniform.
5 Every student shall handle the School property with care. No marks shall be made on the furniture or on the walls. All serious or willful damage to furniture etc. will have to be paid for. The classrooms and School premises must be kept clean and tidy.
6 Furniture in the classrooms shall not be shifted anywhere or rearranged without the prior permission of the Principal.
7 The students are welcome to bring to the attention of the authorities any reasonable grievance or difficulty they might have.
8 Parents and guardians are requested not to ask their children /wards to come away from School before the class is over.
9 Smoking and the consumption of liquor or narcotic drugs are strictly prohibited and warrants disciplinary action.
10 Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the students found having any association with ant-social gangs. Students are warned against bringing the members of such groups to the campus.
11 Ragging is a criminal offence. Police case will be registered against any one of involving in ragging or harassment. Anyone found to have indulged in and abetted ragging shall be expelled from the institution.
12 In view of Governor’s order RT No. 346/0/H. Ed. dt. 01-03-2005, the Government has banned Fashion show, Cinematic Dance and the use of Mobile Phones with or without Camera, in the School Campus.
13 Stealing and forging signature are serious faults and those found guilty are liable to severe punishment.
14 Pupils on their way to and from school are expected to depot themselves in a responsible manner.
15 When moving through the school for second language, library, laboratory, computer practical etc. students are to move quietly.
16 Every student is expected to enter and leave class room in an orderly manner, in a single line or two as per the teachers’ instruction at all time.
17 It is the responsibility of class V-X to see, at the conclusion of the class the class room is swept, all the windows are latched, lights/fans are switched off and the door is closed.
18 Each student is personally responsible for keeping the school and class room clean and taking care of the furniture. No one is allowed to scribble on the furniture, wall, writing board etc. If anyone damages the school property need to be informed and must be made good. No one is allowed to bring plastic wrapped food items like chips packet in the school. If any body is found with any such packet items it will be confiscated and a fine of Rs:10/- will be levied from him/her.
19 Chalk is never allowed to be taken from the class room to be used for any purpose by the students except for writing with the permission of the school/teacher.
20 Strict silence and reverence are expected from the students during assembly and any gathering of the school. Any misbehavior at those moments will not be tolerated.
21 Any substance abuse, smoking, chewing betel-nut, pan, supari, betel-leaves, chewing gum, any tobacco products, are strictly prohibited in the school premises for students, teachers and parents.
22 Collections for any purpose whatsoever can only be made with the permission of the Headmaster.
23 The cultural and co-curricular activities of the School are part of the school curriculum. Hence all students are obliged to take active part in it. Every student from class three onwards needs to be in one of the clubs.
24 The medium of instruction is English. It is compulsory for all the staff and students to speak in English in the school premises and during other outdoor programmes. Each time the student gets one entry in the diary for speaking vernacular language five marks each will be deducted from English practical.
25 10% of the moral science/catechism marks will be allotted from the character analysis. For every entry of remarks in the diary will minus three marks each from the above mentioned subject.
26 Fees
27 Annual fees shall be paid in the school office on the days fixed for admission or Renewal.
28 Fee book will be issued at the time of Admission which has to be presented at the time of payment of fees.
29 A fine of Rs 20/ will be charged if the Fee book is lost.
30 Pupils failing to pay their fees for two consecutive quarters will have their names struck off the rolls.
31 Pupils joining or leaving the school during any term will have to pay all fees, including annual fees for the full term. Absence from the examinations does not mean exemption from examination fees.
32 All students should report to school on last/first working day before /after vacation. A fine of Rs 50/- per day will be imposed if one is absent on these days (even with prior permission except with medical certificate). Absence from class on days of school functions/ activities is not permitted. Every 5th time a student is late the student has to meet the Headmaster with the school diary. Moreover any student arriving later than a calendar week after the reopening of the School is liable to forfeit his/her seat.
33 Students who have been absent for 15 calendar days without due authorization from the Headmaster will have their names struck of the rolls. They could be readmitted on clearing all arrears & fine.
34 Pupils who do not have at least 75% attendance will not be allowed to appear in the half-yearly/Promotion Examinations.
35 Admission to class for absentees and late comers is granted when they show the teacher in-charge the Regularity Record duly sanctioned by the Headmaster/AHM/Co-ordinator.
36 Pupils absent from examination, without grave reason will be marked absent and will not be re-examined. Promotion may be denied to a pupil if his/her attendance is irregular. If a pupil is prevented by illness from appearing for the promotion examination his/her case will be considered on the basis of his performance during the year if valid medical certificate is produced and no supplementary examination will be held again for the absentees.
37 One whose sickness is likely to be contagious should not come to the School and if it occurs in the school he/she may be asked to abstain from attending classes during the period of such illness even on exam days.
38 No pupil shall leave the school premises during school hour without the permission of the Headmaster.
39 Guardians are in all cases considered indispensable to the success of education.
40 Hence parents and guardians are requested to cooperate with the school authorities
41 By inculcating in thier children regular and punctual attendance.
42 By providing sufficient number of uniforms (at least two) and sending their wards to School dressed daily in their clean and full uniform.
43 By seeing that their children are diligent in theri homework and lessons and bring the required text and exercise books to school.
44 By Providing a fairly convenient place, a desk and chair, for his/her study at home.Study on the bed is to be discouraged.
45 By seeing that he/she works at least three hours daily. If a schild studies his/her daily lessons, supervised and guided by the parents private tutions are not required.
46 By insisting neatness and cleanliness in thier text books, exercise books, hand book and personal appearance.
47 By occasionally meeting the Headmaster/Asst. Headmistress/Rector to discuss the progress of thier children.
48 By countersigning the Report Book, Unit Test Books etc. Every pupil should by his/her good behaviour and polite manners bring good name to thermselves and school.
49 There are two vocations during the year: Summer vocation and Annual vocation.
50 Parents and guardians are not expected to be in the class rooms. Nursery parents may be allowed to assist your children to acclimatize to the class room only till 5th February. Parents and guardians are not allowed to sit on the chairs/benches/desks of the children in the class rooms.
51 It is compulsory that the parents are present for the PTA meeting. In case if you are not able to be present for the meeting it should be informed well in advance and entered in the diary.


Tuition fees & the Mode of collection
The school fees cover 12 calendar months. No reduction is made for holidays. Fees are to be paid by 5th of the last month of each quarter after filling in all the requirements in the fee book. Failing to pay fee on time will lead to the imposition of fine Rs.5/- for each month up to the end of the quarter and there after the fine of Rs: 10/- rupees per month. Students failing to pay the fee on time will be considered defaulters and will not be allowed to appear for the exams.

Absence does not mean exception from paying fees. Students leaving the school and applying for TC during the year will have to clear the fees till the end of the scholastic year.

Fees is received by the Central Bank on behalf of the Institution. The staff of the Central Bank are agents for collecting fees. For any clarifications regarding fees, kindly approach the school. A fees sheet has three parts of which the school part has to be handed over in the school office or to the class teacher at the convenient time of the day by the student. You may deposit the fee in any Central Bank provided the fee receipt is submitted in the School Office.

Payment of Fine for Default
If any student fails to pay the fees on the due date he/she shall be liable to pay a fine of Rs. 25/- along with the fees before the seven consecutive days after the due date. If the seventh day happens to be a holiday, the next working day will be counted as the seventh day. After the due date, another seven consecutive working days will be given, to pay the fees with a fine of Rs.100/-

Consequence of Non- Payment of Fees
1. If the fees and fine are not paid before the last opportunity given for payment of that installment, the name of the student will be removed from the rolls of the School with effect from the date following the expiry of this period and if the student is to be readmitted she/he shall have to apply for special permission of the Principal and also will have to remit all the arrears of the fees with fine, together with Rs.250/- as readmission fees.

2. The re-admitted students will get the benefit of attendance only from the date of re-admission.

3. If the student does not pay the dues till the last date prescribed she/he will not be allowed to appear for examinations.



» Grey Pants
» White Shirt with Monogram according to the house
» House Stripped White Socks
» Deep Blue Stripped Tie
» Belt/Badge
» Proper Black Shoes with shoelace


» Grey Skirts (Pleated)
» White Shirts with monogram according to the house
» Deep Blue Stripped Tie
» Belt/ Badge
» House colour Ribbons
» Proper Black Shoes of Girls’

Entire uniforms are given from the school

On Wednesdays and Saturdays House T. Shirts are compulsory for the entire school students.

For Winter Season:
Dark Grey Sweaters/School Blazers with School Monogram for Classes one to ten.

For Nursery and KG: Red Sweaters

House Jerseys, School Bags, Note books, Unit Tests File, Text books for classes Nursery to eight are common for all the Don Bosco Schools and it is compulsory for everyone from 2016.